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Various Types of Interior Paints and Their Characteristics

When it comes to interior painting, not only can you find a lot of colours optimised for the interior walls, but different types of paint materials as well. However, if you don’t know the characteristics of the paints available, this is the right discussion. Also, if you are planning to get your office interior painted and have to choose the right paint material, you can go through this discussion to arrive at a decision.

  • Oil-Based Interior Paints 

Most of the professional interior painters near Melbourne recommend oil-based paints for interiors because it gives an elegant finish and is very durable. They will give a glossy look to your walls and are best for kitchen and bathrooms in commercial buildings. However, painting with oil-based paint can take a while to finish. But still, it is a popular choice as it lasts longer.

  • Water-Based Interior Paints

If you are looking for an affordable solution for your office interior, you can invest in water-based paint because it does not require pre-treatment. Besides, the paint inhibits the growth of mildew. Thus, maintaining this paint is easier compared to the others.

Painters recommend water-based paints because apart from the advantages that we just mentioned, application of the paint is easier and it dries up quickly. Also, the paint adheres to all types of surfaces. However, if you are choosing this type of paint, make sure you choose a vivid colour because deeper shades of water-based paints are not vivid.

  • Matte Paint for Interiors

The matte paint will indeed give your office a minimalistic yet classy look. For this reason, expert office painters in Melbourne always recommend this type of paint.

The colour does not reflect light much and thus creates a nice indoor feel under artificial lighting conditions. Moreover, using matte paint you can hide the imperfections in your office walls. However, regular maintenance is required to retain the clean look of the walls.

  • Gloss And Semi-Gloss Paint 

When painting your office, you can put your money on gloss or semi-gloss paints since they are durable and produce a great finish. However, they are well-suited for mainly kitchens and bathrooms. Besides, this paint can also be used for your office doors and baseboards and mouldings. However, if the walls in your building have imperfections, you will need to get them fixed first since this type of paint highlights the imperfections.

  • Satin Paints

This is another type of paint that can make the office interiors alluring. This paint was mostly recommended for home interior painting. But now, this paint is being used at offices as well.

As the name goes, it gives the walls a velvety finish and is hence suitable for medium-sized rooms. However, just like some of the other paints, you will need to make sure that your walls are flawless; otherwise, the imperfections will not produce the desired effects.

  • Eggshell Paints

Similar to that of the satin paints, the eggshell paints are now used at offices and most of the commercial painting companies in Melbourne are recommending this paint.

They create a flat look and are best for high traffic areas which have made them so popular for offices as well.

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