Choose the Ideal Paint Colour for Your Shop

Steps To Choose the Ideal Paint Colour for Your Shop

When you are setting up your shop in Melbourne, you will need to make sure that the paint and the decoration are perfect that creates a welcoming atmosphere. But if you are struggling to find the right paint colour for your establishment, worry not, as we will be discussing the steps today in our blog.

We have chosen this topic because we see many business owners do not have any idea of the paint colour that they should apply to make their establishment look classy. And since choosing the right colour is indeed part of shop painting in Melbourne, let’s share the tips with you now.

How Much Space Do You Have?

If your shop is spacious, try to avoid dark colours as they can make the area look smaller. So, it is better to use lighter colours. On the contrary, darker colours work best if you have do not have much space. For the walls, you can use a plain white colour and to make it more attractive, you can use a bright colour like red or blue.

Soothing Colours are the Safest

Since colours affect mood, it is best to choose the soothing ones.

Some of the soothing colours that you can choose are green, blue, pink, yellow, etc. for toy stores or stores for children’s garments. On the other hand, you can use bright colours such as red for gymnasiums since the colour signifies strength.

If you sell luxury goods like jewellery, you might want to use maroon and for food items such as ice cream or candy, pink can go well.

Matching the Colour of the paint with Your Brand Logo

This is one is a common but a very good idea which many entrepreneurs fail to apply. If your store has the exact same colours as your brand logo, it will give a premium feel to your brand as well as the shop.

Generally, reputed painters providing shop painting near Melbourne always recommend using the exact colours that are in your brand logo. However, if your brand logo does not have a colour, you can choose to create a colour theme but make sure to apply the same paint in all the other stores (if you have more than one).

Creating Designs

This one is mainly for shops that sell food items.

If your store is small, you can paint your wall with a base colour and use other colours to create a variety of designs. This will definitely catch the attention of the customers when they enter your shop. But while doing so, make sure you do keep the wall design simplistic and not too complicated.

Contrasting Colours

For shops selling art or home décor items, contrasting colours can be used as they help the customers to focus on the items and helps to give the shop a unique look. However, if you wish to try out this style, use lighter shades instead of the darker ones.

So, these are a few ways of selecting the paint colour of your shop. You can follow these steps or you can take guidance from your painting contractor as well.
Give An Exciting Look To Your Shop With The Right Colour!

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