Painting Vinyl Siding

Painting Vinyl Siding – 4 Critical Things You Must Know

It may seem to be counter-intuitive, but you can surely paint vinyl siding if you want to give a quick upgrade to your exteriors. Regular exposure to sun and moisture cause vinyl siding to age with time and dealing with tired, unsightly exteriors can be a turn down for guests or neighbors. Now whether vinyl siding can be painted or not is a common query of most homeowners and the good news is YES! With the right tools and materials, you can repaint vinyl siding and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property. 

This post enlists everything you need to know about painting vinyl siding to get the job done successfully. Stay glued!

Paint in the Right Weather 

Before plunging into painting vinyl siding, you must check the weather conditions to ensure a seamless job done. Painting in extreme humidity or windy conditions will prevent paint from adhering to the surface and it will start cracking before the expected time. So what are the temperature requirements for painting vinyl siding? The best painter near Melbourne recommends starting the job when the temperature is mild and humidity in the air is less.

Choose the Right Paint

Not all paints are suitable for vinyl siding. Latex urethane paint is ideal for exteriors as it’s durable and can withstand extreme temperature conditions. Paints meant for vinyl siding should contain certain types of resins for seamless expansion and contraction. When choosing the right paint for vinyl siding, you might get confused about whether the dark colors would work. As dark colors retain more heat, painters near Essendon recommend skipping the idea of choosing darker shades. You may go for lighter hues for maximum heat absorbent.

Pressure Wash Loose Dirt, Grime & Stains

As vinyl is an exterior add-on, it can build up dirt, grime, and stains over time. Before proceeding to open a bucket of fresh paint, load a pressure washer with an organic cleaning solution and give your vinyl siding a deep clean. Pressure washing by a painting contractor in Melbourne is extremely important as otherwise loose dirt, stains; grime will prevent paint from adhering to the surface and compel you to hire repainting services sooner than expected.

Apply Good Quality Primer

Priming is key to smooth and long-lasting paints and when it comes to vinyl painting, it ought to be something high-quality and durable. If the initial color of your vinyl siding has completely faded, apply a coat of siding to the vinyl before painting. This will smoothen the surface and allow the paint to adhere better. However, if the siding is in good condition, you can straight proceed to paint. Usually, two coats are sufficient but if you want a better outcome, you may apply the second coat to ensure long-lasting outcomes. 

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