Interior House Painting

An Easy Guide to Prepare Your House for Interior Painting

For the interior painting in your house, you will need to prepare your walls. The preparation will be taken care of by the professionals. But then again, we are sharing the procedures of preparation here to give you an idea of how it’s done. So, if you have a house in Melbourne, Kew or Balwyn and are planning to paint your interior, these are the things you should keep in mind.

Wall Cleaning

The first preparatory step is to clean your walls. The interior house painters in Melbourne, Kew or Balwyn will use a vacuum cleaner and other cleaning agents to remove the dirt and stains from your wall. After the cleaning process is completed, the painters will let the walls of your house dry. Also, before the cleaning job, they will remove the wallpapers (if any). On the other hand, if mould or mildew growth is noticed, the painters will use pressure-washing or specific agents to remove them completely.

Removing the Existing Paint

Next, the house painters will remove the existing paint by using sandpaper or a paint scraper. Nowadays, electric sanders are available and many painters are using this device too. The sanding of the walls is done to remove the give the walls a smooth finish.

Repairing the Damaged Areas before Starting the Painting

Before the professionals providing the interior house painting services in Balwyn can apply the primer on the walls, they will repair the cracks and areas on the wall that have become loose. For this, the painters will first inspect your walls to find out the areas that require repair. After that, they will remove the old plaster and apply new ones.

Using Lining Papers to Cover Up Large Cracks

If your wall has large cracks, fixing them might require the use of lining papers. The professional painters can achieve a smooth finish with these lining papers and their work will be completed quickly.

Covering the Floor and Other Areas

You would want to avoid those paint drips and spillages on the floor and other areas, right? For that, the painters will use drop cloths. Apart from the drop cloths, the best house painters in Kew sometimes also use plain fabric that has good paint soaking capability.

Wall Priming

Now, when nearly everything is in place, the painters will start priming the walls. In this process, they will be applying a primer that helps the paint to soak properly on the walls.

Now, there are different types of primers such as oil-based, latex-based, shellac etc. and depending on the type of your wall will they apply the primer.

Letting the Primer Dry

After the application of the primer, the professionals providing the painting services in Melbourne will let it dry to make the painting effective. Generally, wall primer takes around 3 hours to dry. So, after the priming process, the painters might leave for that day.

Final Wall Inspection

Lastly, the professionals will do a final wall inspection before they can apply the paint. If they find that your interior wall requires another coat of primer they will do that. Else, they will proceed with the painting.

So, this is how the preparation of the house interior painting is carried out. If you want, you can also discuss these steps in detail with the interior painters before they start the painting.

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