4 Common Exterior Home Painting Mistakes You Should Never Make

4 Common Exterior Home Painting Mistakes You Should Never Make

Exterior house painting can boost the curb appeal of your property and help you fetch good ROI if it’s done correctly. Analysing the exterior wall surfaces, choosing the right type of paint and applying vibrant paint coats require professional skills, expertise and knowledge and amateurs who undertake the job on their own simply out of sheer excitement end up making these terrible blunders.

Rushing the Prep Work

The key to long-lasting and durable exterior paint is proper surface prepping and a small mistake may prevent you from getting the desired paint outcome. Right from pressure cleaning walls for removing dirt, debris and surface contaminants to sanding and priming the surfaces, it takes a lot of time and patience in surface prepping in order to get the smooth and flawless paint finish. Unfortunately, amateurs who lack knowledge and expertise in exterior home painting services in Melbourne fail to understand the intricacies of prepping walls and end up with the problem of peeling paint, flaking, blisters and bubbles in paint before the expected time.

Skimping on Primer

A good-quality primer covers up surface imperfections such as cracks, dents and holes and makes walls paint-ready. Quality primer also helps in getting flawless paint coats on exterior walls as it makes bumps, ridges on walls smooth and even and makes the job of professional residential painters of applying coatings easy and hassle-free. However, amateurs who undertake DIY exterior house painting underestimate the importance of priming walls and skip it. The result is the final paint coat lacks professional outlook and peels off early.

Choosing the Wrong Paint

Analysing the wall condition and choosing the right type of paint according to your wall type can help in giving a stunning visual transformation to exterior surfaces and make both your efforts and investment worthy. For a novice who decides to paint exterior walls alone often make a mistake of choosing the wrong paint type and end up with telltale signs of paint damage before the expected time. While colour is undeniably important in bringing life to walls, it’s equally essential to choose the right paint type that can complement wall type and save your pockets from hiring repainting services frequently.

Not Hiring Professional Painters

Exterior house painting in Melbourne isn’t a layman’s job as it requires skills, effort and sound knowledge of applying flawless paint strokes, analysing wall type, testing substrate, determining the right paint type for walls and many more. Professional painters have unique skill-set and technical expertise in analysing wall type and apply high-quality paint coats that not just elevate the visual appearance of a property but make exterior paint last in good shape for decades. Neglecting to hire professional painters to save a couple of bucks can prevent you from getting the desired outcome and compel you to opt for a repainting service early than expected.

At Master Choice Painting Pty Ltd, our team comprises of skilled, trained and certified painters who have sound knowledge and expertise under their belt and make house painting in Melbourne successful putting forth relentless efforts, hard work and dedication. If you are tired of dealing with outdated exterior walls and want to revamp your walls with vibrant paint coats, get in touch with us or schedule an appointment today!